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Unemployed? Underemployed? Hate Your Job? Sending out resumes with no luck? Unemployment checks running out?

“Stop waiting for someone to GIVE you a job and… CREATE your OWN job!”



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There are hidden opportunities all around you …
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Creating your own job means no more resumes, no interviews, and no rejection.



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After getting fired from my last job, I started creating my own job. Here are some of the jobs I’ve created or had created for me:

  • $500 a night working the coat check in a fancy restaurant
  • $2500 a month as a corporate publicist working 4 days a month
  • $2500 a month just to be on call as a spokeperson
  • Hanging out with celebrities at Cannes, making over 6 figures a year
  • $200 a day reading scripts
  • $40 an hour transcribing

What do all of those jobs have in common? I got all of them without a resume, interview, agent, recruiter or HR. None ofthem were on a job board, classified ad or online. And I didn’t have any experience or training for any of them.

I got them all by using the techniques

 I’ll teach you in my seminar.